Shoes… I know they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I honestly think shoes should get the honour.  They just round an outfit off so beautifully, changes your posture, lifts your mood and honestly can simply brighten your day when you find that one stunning pair of shoes on SALE.  When you choose your wedding shoes there are a few things to consider though, so we thought we would see if we can’t give you some guidance while being forced to look at pretty shoes :-)

Be practical
The very first thing you must consider when looking for wedding shoes, is that you must actually be able to wear them and be comfortable in them.  You are going to be on your feet the whole day, greeting people, taking photos and very importantly walking down the aisle and dancing, of course.  Thus, it is important to make sure that you won’t be wobbly in these shoes and that you won’t have to kick them off out of desperation.

 Cream wedding shoes with diamente


Choose a special pair
Ok, so we will consider practicality, but that said, it has to be a special pair of shoes.  Shoes will make you feel incredible and even if you are wearing a floor length dress, your guests will see them peek out every now and again.  Try to find a classic style with small detail that will make them stand out and allow you to love them even in years to come.

 Bridal shoes with diamente or see through detail

Try to include your theme
Consider the type of wedding that you are having and your theme when you choose your bridal shoes.  If you have a vintage theme a beautiful clasp shoe would work great.  For a retro wedding, green shoes would bring the whole wedding together in a stunning manner.

 Green vintage shoes 

Vintage bridal shoes with clasp

Making a statement
Your shoes are a great way of making a statement, remember, they don’t have to be white and match your dress.  You can go with bright yellow sneakers to be playful (you can even get the groom a pair as well), or scarlet red to bring out your feminine side. Sit down and think about your personality and see what you feel most drawn to, have fun with it.

Matching couple with yellow sneakers for wedding


 Bride with red shoes for a splash of colour


Yellow wedding shoes


 Lilac bridal shoes with short wedding dress


Wear them in and alter your dress
Once you have decided on a pair, we would definitely recommend that you wear them in, don’t wear them for the first time at your wedding.  Buy them a month or two before the wedding to allow you some time to walk around in them while you are at home (obviously they must still be kept a secret).  This will allow them to shape and stretch according to your feet.  You can even wear them while wearing socks to speed up the process.  It is also very important that you measure the height of the shoes and let your designer know how the dress must be altered for you

Spoil yourself with a Pedicure
Pamper your feet by getting a pedicure the day before your wedding, ensuring that your feet are nice and soft and your nails neatly manicured.  If you are wearing a peep toe shoe, remember to think what colour you would like to wear on your toes.  A classic French pedicure is a good option if you decided to go with a bright statement shoe, but if you are going with a more neutral shoe, then a nice pink or red will finish the look off strikingly.

Have a back up
In case it rains it may be a good idea to have a pair of Wellington boots ready, these will also make for great photos!  The other back up is for when your feet gets tired at the end of the night, this will undoubtedly happen! Perhaps get a pair of pumps (again, considering the colour and theme like you did previously). Keep these spare shoes in a bag somewhere close to your table so they are conveniently nearby in-case you need them.

 Bride with pink Wellington boots

Stunning white Wellington boots with bow


Cute pumps for bride


Practice practice practice
Our last tip to you would be to practice walking in the shoes. But not only that, when you go for your dance classes, take your shoes with and practice dancing in them as well.  This will allow you to walk and dance without stumbling and will also give you confidence on your big day itself.

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May 17, 2017 — Ria Fraser

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