Our pets are such a big part of our lives, it is often quite a debate whether or not they should be a part of the wedding.  We say 100% yes they must be a part of your big day!! Not only will these make for beautiful photos, but it makes for such wonderful memories.  There are a few things that you must consider before you make your final decision though.  We thought we would make a list for you to help.


The most import and very first thing to consider is your pet’s personality.  Are they outgoing, and will they feel comfortable between strangers?  If you take them to the park regularly then they should easily adjust to the wedding celebrations.  However, if you are worried that they may stress out, it may be wise to rather only make them part of the photos.  Arrange that a friend (preferably who they are familiar with) pick them up from your house and take them to the venue for the photos.  Then, once you have a few precious photos, ask the friend to return then home.  This will limit their stress and yours and still preserve precious memories.  If, however, you feel that the pet will be comfortable, and you want to make them a part of the ceremony, we recommend that you assign a pet sitter.  If they appear to be skittish, this person can even pick them up and carry them down the aisle for you.

 I loved her first Dog at wedding

Remember to confirm with the venue that they allow pets.  You don’t want to go through all the effort only to be turned away at the gate.  A wedding can be quite stressful, thus making sure your plans can be executed before the day will remove any unnecessary drama and disappointment.  If the venue does not allow pets perhaps consider taking a few photos at a different nearby location or include them in your engagements photos instead.

 My humans are getting married Pet at wedding

If you want to dress your pooch up for the occasion, remember to make sure that it fits properly in advance.  The outfit must fit comfortably and should not come off easily. Also, please remember to make sure that the items don’t choke your pup. Try to keep the accessories simple, attach a flower or bow tie to their collar, this is a cute addition and won’t cause any discomfort.

 Dogs all dressed up for the wedding in tux and flowers

Dogs are of course not the only pets that can be included.  A grumpy cat, your bunnies or even a horse can be part of your wedding day and will make for beautiful photos.

 Fox, cat, horse and dog in wedding celebration

It is important to remember to let your photographer know that your pet will be included in the photo shoot.  This will allow them to prep for any unplanned moments, like getting an unexpected kiss from your dog.  They will also be able to help you think of photo ideas after the ceremony.
and they lived happily ever after with dog at wedding
Lastly, remember to let your guests know that your pets will be at the wedding.  This will allow anyone with allergies to plan accordingly. You can simply add a note to your invitation.

 Bunnies at wedding

Let us know how you are including your pets in your wedding

Good luck with all the planning, and remember to have fun.


The Simply Favours team :-)

May 16, 2017 — Ria Fraser

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