To make a stacked cheese wedding cake is very easy and it is also something different that your guests will enjoy.

First sit down and decide what cheese you would like to use for your cake. A creamy Gouda wheel is always a winner from children right through to the pickiest foodie.  The other favourites to choose from includes, Cheddar, Brie, Camembert, Cream Cheese and Gorgonzola.  A good guide on deciding how much cheese to buy would be to work on about 100g per person.  To get the traditional wedding cake feel get at least five types of cheeses.  Once you know which cheese you are serving the accompaniments can be selected.

Here are a few accompaniments that goes well with different cheeses:
Brie with grapes
Camembert with preserved figs
Gorgonzola with fresh pear slices
Cheddar with a quince paste

The most important part is to find delicious cheese that you can use.  The Gourmet Cheese Cafe in Linden sells arguably the best Gorgonzola in Johannesburg.  We are highlighting it because it is our favourite, but all their other cheese are also amazing.  Then there is Van Gaalen cheese farm near Hartbeespoort who also supply cheese wheels that are made on the farm itself.

Now to stack the cheese, place the cheese on top of each other with circles of grease proof paper to place in-between each wheel of cheese.  Your cake can be arranged according to your style of wedding. If you are having a rustic wedding then wooden boards as rustic base, if it is more formal stack the cheese on top of each other and decorate with a few of the accompaniments as well as similar flowers used in the decor and some ribbon or organza.  Finish your cake off with a delicious sour dough bread and some crackers.

Send us photos of your creations, we would love to see how the cakes came out.

The Simply Favours team

March 13, 2015 — Ria Fraser

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