Weddings are expensive and it helps to save money where ever possible. Here are a few Do it yourself (DIY) ideas that might make things cheap without compromising on your dream wedding.

If you are a foodie and just can't resist a delicious creamy cheese with a fig preserve after dinner, a cheese stacked wedding cake may just be the perfect cake for you.  These cakes are also very easy to make and will cost a fraction of the cost of a designer wedding cake.  Refer to our step by step guide on making your own cheese stacked wedding cake.

Then there is your bouquet.  Why not ask your mother or a creative friend if they would make your bouquet for you.  It would a beautiful reminder later and you will sentimentally think of your beautiful and unique flower bouquet.  There are so many options and it truly is not difficult.  A bunch of arum lilies surrounded with red roses can quickly be tied together with a rubber band.  Then simply wrap  a green silk ribbon around the stem to finish off the bouquet.

The options you have to do your wedding favours yourself are endless.  You can buy a small cactus plant and plant it in a pail or glass votive.  The "pot" you choose simply depends on your wedding theme, whether you are going for a clean and crisp feel or perhaps rustic, these wedding favours will fit in with your wedding seamlessly.

 Let us know if these steps helped you or if you did something yourself at your wedding that really made it more special or saved you money.

Until next time :-)

The Simply Favours team


March 16, 2015 — Ria Fraser

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