Tic Tac Toe Game in a Personalised Cotton Pouch

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Whether you call it noughts & crosses or tic-tac-toe, it’s a simple and fun game. Your wedding guests (especially the kids) will love this little travel set of tic tac toe game.

Enjoy some light-hearted fun.

  • Pouch measures: 13cm ( l ) x 15cm ( w ) x 0.3cm ( h ) 
  • Pouches made from Cotton & discs out of wood
  • Includes a total of ten wooden X&O discs in a cotton pouch
  • one side of the cotton pouch is pre-printed with the game lines, while the other side is blank and can be personalised with your names or a message or logo

Instructions: One player takes the X discs and the other the Os. Take turns starting, and in placing your discs, with the aim of being the first to place three discs in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row.