Elegant Organza Tulle with Five Sugared Almonds - A Sweet Delight

R 19.50

Elegant Organza Bag with Five Sugared Almonds - A Sweet Delight

Inside each organza bag, you'll find a wooden ring and five delectable sugared almonds which come vacuum sealed. These almonds are not only a delightful treat but also symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and long life – making them a cherished addition to any wedding celebration. 

Engrave your your names, your baby's name. your guests name or a thank you message onto the wooden ring. These wooden rings are the perfect size to use as napkin holders.

Our translucent organza tulle bags exude sophistication and charm. They are available in gold, ivory and vibrant orange colours which can easily integrate into your décor.

Whether you're planning a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, christening, baptism or any other special occasion, these sugared almond favours are a timeless choice. They also work beautifully as table decorations, adding a touch of elegance to your event.

Want to make these favours truly unique? Customize your organza bags with personalized tags or labels, featuring your names, date, or a special message. Contact us to discuss your customization options.

Indulge in affordable luxury with our Organza Bag with Five Sugared Almonds. These favours offer a touch of opulence without breaking the bank.

Make your event memorable with these sweet and elegant sugared almond favours from Simply Favours. Order now and add a delightful touch to your celebration. If you have any questions or need assistance with customization, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to make your special day even sweeter!

As an optional extra add a tag with the description of the five sugared almond wedding tradition.

  • Ring measures approximately 6cm diameter,
  • Includes 5 sugar almonds vacuum sealed
  • Packaged in a beautiful organza tulle bag
  • Choose from gold, ivory or vibrant orange organza tulle
  • Add a personalised thank you tag or engraving