Five Sugared Almonds in Mini Organza Bag

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The timeless tradition of gifting sugared almonds elegantly presented in our Organza Bags. Sugared almonds have been a cherished symbol of well wishes for centuries. Each almond represents a unique blessing – health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity. Our five sugared almonds carry these sentiments, making them a meaningful gesture at weddings, baptisms, and other celebrations.

Our sheer organza bags add an element of elegance to your event. Choose from a spectrum of colours to match your theme or style, and watch as these bags enhance your décor with their sheer beauty.

Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, and beyond, our sugared almond favours serve as a delightful thank-you to your guests or as charming table accents.

Each gift includes: 5 sugared almonds, organza bag and personalised thank you tag.

Make these favours uniquely yours with your personalized tags or labels. Whether it's your names, event date, or a heartfelt message, we offer customization options to suit your vision.

Elevate your event with a touch of luxury that doesn't break the bank. Our sugared almond favours offer elegance at an affordable price.

Celebrate life's milestones with a nod to tradition and a dash of elegance. Our Five Sugared Almonds in Organza Bags are designed to create memorable moments that last a lifetime.