Spekboom Succulents

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The Spekboom succulent is not only a stunning and sustainable choice for favours but also versatile enough for any event. Whether you're celebrating a baby shower, tying the knot at your wedding, or looking for a unique corporate gift for corporate events, the Spekboom adds a touch of green elegance. 

This hardy plant symbolizes growth and resilience, making it a meaningful gift for your guests at any celebration.

Packaging: Our Spekboom favours come in sleek, cylindrical clear gift packaging that beautifully showcases the vibrant green of the Spekboom plant. Includes a custom label that can be personalised for your special occasion. Choose from various label designs.

To top it off, some of our packages are adorned with a colour-coordinated ribbon, adding an elegant touch that complements the greenery inside or with a string to add to the eco feel of the gift. This thoughtful and eco-friendly packaging not only protects the plant but also makes it a ready-to-give gift at weddings, baby showers, or corporate events.

Enhance your event with these beautifully packaged Spekboom favours, perfect for adding a sustainable and personal touch to your celebrations.

Spekboom succulent measures approx. 10cm

Gift tube measures 17cm x 4.5cm in diam

Why Spekboom? Here’s why:

Carbon Warrior: This incredible plant is a powerhouse at absorbing carbon dioxide, making it a champion for cleaner air.
Water-Wise: Spekboom thrives on minimal water, perfect for our climate-conscious times.
Adds Green to Any Scene: Its vibrant green leaves and ability to adapt make it a charming addition to any home or garden.

Celebrate your special day by giving back to Mother Earth with our Spekboom favours. A gift that keeps on growing!