Miniature Glass Jar with Cork Lid with String & Tag - 100ml

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These Miniature Glass Jars with Cork Lids are too cute for words! They measure approximately 7.7cm in  height x 5.7cm diameter with a volume of 100ml

You can add such a wide array of items into these jars to give to your guests; here are a few ideas

1. Spices, herbs or salts - any of your favourite spices, Himalayan pink salts..

2. A serving of hot chocolate (just attach a small bag of mini marshmallows)  ;)

3. Sweets like sugar coated almonds in various colours, mints, mini speckled eggs to name but a few

4. Bath salts  

5. Nuts or chocolate coated peanuts

6. Honey

These will certainly be enjoyed by your guests after your wedding as you can store anything from office stationery like paper clips and push pins to sewing items like pins to spices in the kitchen in these very cute and useful gifts. What great little storage jars!

Jar Measures: 7.7cm height x 5.7cm diameter and a volume of 100ml

Item includes; glass jar and cork lid, string and tag ONLY

PLEASE NOTE: Sweets not included.

For a Custom tag: Choose from any of the tag designs on our store