Mini Honey Jar in Hexagon Wooden Gift Box Duo - 60ml

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Elevate your gift-giving experience with our enchanting Miniature Hexagon Honey Jar nestled snugly within a beautifully crafted Wooden Gift Box. At Simply Favours we believe in turning moments into memories, and this delightful duo is designed to do just that.

Gift Includes:

1 x 60ml Hexagon Honey Jar filled with premium South African Honey a personalised sticker and a thin ribbon tied into a bow

1 x Miniature wooden Dipper

1 x Hexagon Wooden Gift Box tied together with jute string

Wooden Giftbox measures  6.5cm x 7.5cm x 6.5cm height
Weight approximately: 200g

Key Features:

  1. Hexagon Elegance: The miniature honey jar mirrors the unique hexagonal shape of its larger counterpart, exuding charm and sophistication.

  2. Natural Craftsmanship: The Wooden Gift Box is crafted with care from wood, adding a touch of rustic beauty to your gift.

  3. Perfect Pairing: The jar is designed to fit perfectly within the box, creating a harmonious presentation that's as visually stunning as it is thoughtful.

  4. Versatile Gift: Ideal for weddings, special occasions, or a simple token of appreciation, this duo adds a touch of sweetness to every moment.

  5. Customizable Label and Engraving: Personalize the honey jar label to make your gift truly one-of-a-kind. Add names, dates, or a special message for a thoughtful touch.

Why Choose Our Miniature Honey Jar & Wooden Gift Box? 

  • Thoughtful Presentation: Impress your loved ones with a gift that goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing your attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

  • Memorable Keepsake: The Wooden Gift Box is more than packaging; it's a keepsake that adds an extra layer of meaning to your heartfelt gesture.

  • Premium Quality: We believe in offering gifts that stand the test of time, crafted with precision and a commitment to excellence.