Lucky Elephant Keyring

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Not only are elephants beloved and magnificent South African animals, elephants with raised trunks are also a symbol of good luck. In Eastern cultures, an elephant with its trunk held high symbolizes good luck, something you're wished on your wedding day, and something you wish for family and friends always. 

These practical gifts measure approximately 9.5cm height x 4cm wide (full height of keyring)

Key holders feature a stately elephant (trunk raised, of course!) That said elephants also hold a very special place in our hearts as a majestic animal in South Africa and also represent our continent so well as an African wedding favour.

Each elephant keyring wedding favour arrives show cased in a clear gift box with a muted beige background with a mandala pattern in tow. For the perfect finishing touch, the gift box is tied with a white ribbon and bow from which hangs a colour-coordinated "Thank You" favour tag again with delicate mandala design.