Take Care Kit

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Take care of your guests at your destination or outdoors wedding by supplying them with a care kit.

Your guests can take this handy compact kit when travelling, camping, picnicking, or hiking. Each tube is refillable.

It features 5 useful sprays, securely packed together in a durable transparent case.

Case Measures approximately 13.5 ( l ) x 11 ( w ) x 2 ( h ) cm

Each spray tube consists is filled with 10ml of liquid and is clearly labelled.

10ml hand sanitiser: citrus fragrance (62% Ethyl Alcohol)

10ml SPF30 sunblock lotion: vanilla fragrance

10ml After-sun spray: aloe fragrance

10ml Insect repellent: natural fragrance

10ml Insect bite relief spray: natural fragrance

For the customised option: include a sticker on the front, or a personalised printed card inside (which can be seen through thte transparent cover or a ribbon and personalised thank you tag.