Planning your wedding is fun, but there are so many things to remember. Here are a few things we always find brides forget and then it result in a last minute rush that is stressful.
Remember to:
  • Have a plan B in case it might rain (perhaps have some pretty Wellington boots ready and a clear umbrella for the photo shoot)
  • Explore what there is to do in the area and give your guests a handy list (ask us to help you with the design and printing)
  • Have an emergency kit ready, with plasters, white chalk, painkillers, a bottle of water, needle and thread (in white and black, in case you or your groom needs some stitching), and lipstick for touch-ups
  • Most importantly, if you want to personalise your thank you gifts or any other items, it will take time, so plan ahead and make sure you place your order on time
  • Try to have everything ready a day ahead of the wedding and then book a nice spa day with your mom or bridesmaids so you can relax and recharge, so you are rested and ready to enjoy your big day fully
December 22, 2021 — Ria De Beer

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