From the day you get engaged, there is this amazing bubbling feeling inside you, but with it also comes an underlying stress that you may not even notice in the beginning.  Planning a wedding is very stressful and you put a tremendous amount of pressure on yourself to make sure your big day is perfect, but not only that, you also want your body to be perfect. You want to start your life together in a flawless bubble of love with all your friends and family there to share in the happiness with you. This expectation is a very big thing to carry on your shoulders.

Relax with yoga and improve your overall wellbeing

Yoga may just be the practice that you need to find your centre. Take an hour a day to celebrate your body and simply be at peace and forget all the thousands of things that must still be done.  Yoga is also an excellent way to build strength, improve your posture and tone your legs and arms. All these are benefits that will make your wedding dress fit beautifully on the day and at the same time you will feel absolutely amazing about yourself with a sense of tranquility that you may have missed so much before.
Yoga on a rooftop because why not
There are many different types of yoga, but today we will recommend two options for you that we think will help you during your wedding planning as well as on your wedding day, namely the art of breathing and Yoga flows.


Prāṇāyāma the Sanskrit word translated as “breath or life force” is the practice of controlled breathing.  This is a fantastic way to manage anxiety and also to help you sleep well at night, both very handy while planning a wedding.  This will also be so convenient on your big day.  If you take a few controlled breaths before you walk down the aisle you will feel more in control and present so you can take in this wonderful day that you are starting with that first step.

 Stretching poses for supple bodies

Losing weight must be one of the things that each bride worry about the most, weather you have quite a bit to lose, or are one of those lucky people that are already thin but is very hard on yourself and believe you definitely need to tone.  Contrary to poplar believe, Yoga is not just stretching and relaxing, it can be an extremely hard work out in which you will build muscle and improve your core. Yoga is a surprisingly excellent way to completely transform your body into one that you will love. I think the most satisfying part of Yoga must be to see the improvement in yourself.  In the first class you may feel the pose is completely impossible and then one day you will just get it right.  It is just the nicest feeling in the world to get that surprised expression on your face and then it turns into a smile and you want to high five yourself. Vinyasa yoga or Yoga flows are classes where you will move in a flowing manner from the one pose to the next while practicing the breathing that you learned above.  This must be our favourite type of yoga and it is an excellent way to build your confidence in the poses.

 Beautiful glowing bride

We are in no way qualified to teach you how these practices work, but we very highly recommend that you spend a few of your hard earned South African Rands and join a Yoga studio.  We are willing to bet that this will become a way of life for you and hopefully you will pop us an email to say thank you for the excellent suggestion, hehe.


Have a wonderful weekend yogis and good luck with all your wedding arrangements.  We just know you are going to breeze through this and have the time of your life!!


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The Simply Favours team

June 02, 2017 — Ria Fraser


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I would like to get more info on the yoga classes and also the area where they conducted.

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