To be the maid of honour is exactly that, such a big honour.  It can also be a scary job as the you want to make sure that your friend has the best time of her life.  To host a bachelorette can be quiet challenging as it has to be fun and different.

The first step would be to determine a guest list.  If you are inviting family and friends we would suggest a more relaxed outing like a high tea or a spa day.  If the guests are just friend you can go all out and have a fun night in town.  Select a nice outfit for the bride to wear, something fun, but she must still feel comfortable.  If she is game a school girl outfit that is sexy but that don't reveal too much might be perfect.

Depending on your budget it might be convenient to arrange a mini bus with a driver to take you to your venue.  Here is a list of our favourite places in Johannesburg:
1. Katzy's in Rosebank.  This is a jazz bar with a great vibe and live entertainment. The dance floor is always full of enthusiastic dancers and the food is amazing.

2. OCD bar in Sunninghill has the most beautiful view over the city and the cocktails are amazing.  There is normally someone playing on their guitar, and they will quickly get the party started.  The snacks are delicious and interesting as well.

3. Dukes burgers in Greenside is a more relaxed atmosphere with devilishly delicious burgers, you simply can't have too many toppings.  If you can, try to get a table outside. The street is filled with clubs, so after dinner you can stroll down the street and hop from club to club.

4. Great Dane in Braamfontein, the gourmet hot dogs are yummy and later in the evening this unique venue turns into a full on club with DJs.  The decor is beautiful with 5c coins on the floor and vintage lamps hanging upside down in the outside area.  You need a password to get in, so arrange upfront by contacting one of the managers on Facebook.

You can do something fun like getting something fairly cheap that the bride must sell to pay for the drinks tab. Have shirts printed or perhaps get practical key-rings that you know the people at the club will like.  Our Smiley key-rings or classic opener key-rings would work well.

It might also be nice to buy favours to say thank you to each guest for attending.  Have a look at our great selection of bachelorette favours here

Make sure you have an emergency kit in your handbag, some headache pills, plasters, re-dehydrate etc.

Always remember to stay safe and do a head count every now and again to make sure nobody wondered off to  far from the crowd.

Have fun and remember, if you have fun the bride will definitely also let her hair down and enjoy herself.

The Simpy Favours team

March 23, 2017 — Ria Fraser

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