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Sugar Coated Almonds

R 130.00

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Our sugar coated almonds are freshly made per order to ensure that you thank your guests with the freshest most decadent almonds. Perfect for our Greek customers who we know loves sugar coated almonds as a traditional Greek wedding favour :-)

Fill each wedding favour box with these wonderful sugar coated almonds and your guests will wish there was more.

Almonds are traditionally given as a wedding favour as they represent the bitter sweet of marriage.  The bitter comes from the almond and the sugar coating represents the sweet.  Traditionally five almonds are given to each guest, signifying the five wishes for a marriage, namely:

1. Good health,

2. Happiness,

3. Wealth,

4. Longevity, and

5. Prosperity

Almonds are made fresh for each wedding, hence lead time is 4 weeks to allow the almonds to dry properly

Approximately 200 units per kilogram.

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