Specialists in Wedding Favours...

Simply Favours offers unique and affordable wedding favours and thank you gifts for all your special occasions across South Africa

We understand that modern weddings are moving away from the traditional and more towards fun, free flowing and relaxed atmospheres.  But a few of the traditions remain special, and saying thank you to your wedding guests for being such a big part of your life is a very important part of your big day and your life overall.

We have a wide range of thank you gifts, neatly catagorised in themes to make it easy for you to choose your favourite favour.  There are fun shot glasses, kitchen favours, beautiful wine stoppers, lip balms and so much more to choose from.  We also offer the option to have the table gifts personalised with a special thank you tag or engraving.  These gifts are not limited to weddings only, we want to be a part of the before and the after as well.  Be it bridal showers,  bachelorettes or a special baby shower, milestone birthdays, you name it, a thank you gift always has a place and we will help you choose it.

Delivery is done to your door within 7 working days across South Africa, making the whole process effortless, because we know there is already a lot of stress in the small details of planning a wedding.

We are looking forward to being a part of your life and hope to always show your family and friends how special they are to you.  Here is to a happy life, filled with love, laughter, beautiful memories and always having a a little extra time to spend with the people you love...and lots of online shopping